Local Businesses
Information on local businesses can be accessed through Thomson Local, Touch Local, Bizfo or in the Business Directory produced by Broxbourne Council. The business directory has listings of a range of different businesses from retailers and banks to engineering and plumbing services.

Local Organisations
The local organisations directory is a document produced by Broxbourne Council that can be accessed to search for a specific type of organisation in your area. The directory contains contact details for various local clubs and organisations but also for various faith groups, churches, arts and leisure contacts and charities. If you would like to be added to the local organisations directory, you can fill in this form. For information on local community and voluntary groups, or advice on how to start one up, visit Broxbourne and East Herts CVS. For information about volunteering opportunities, visit Volunteer Centre Broxbourne and East Herts.


Some residents enjoying a walk

 st marry school

St. Marys School during the Spring

Local Facilities
A list of local services and facilities, such as doctors, dentists and schools has been produced by Broxbourne Council called the ‘Resource Inventory’. It includes location maps and contact details of facilities.

There are various halls and meeting spaces available, these are documented in a community halls directory produced by Broxbourne Council and an interactive Google map.